There can be some confusion between interior design and interior decorating. Although the two thing work in tandem together they are not the same. Decorating pertains to elements of the interior of a home that are not fixed or permanent. These elements are furnishings, flooring, wall coverings and paint. Design pertains to elements that involve a level of construction to modify or change such as the placement of walls or doorways. Applying interior design to your home is a complex and trans formative process.

Interior Design

Sometimes a house needs more than new furniture, sometimes it needs the total transformation of interior design. Many times older houses will have great structures, but just need updating. It is easy to completely transform the interior of a house by simply eliminating a few walls. Open floor designs are a more modern concept not seen in older construction. Redesigning the floor plan of an existing home will totally transform the interior while leaving the outer structure untouched. Adding walls And section into off expansive spaces can be equally trans formative. The abilities of design are only hampered by the structural needs of a building.

Sometimes a total transformation is not needed and enhancing existing features is the best route. Design is equally equipped to execute the finer changes needed to enhance an already beautiful interior. Changing kitchen cabinets is a terrific example of how design can enhance the home as easily as transform. Integrating furnishing elements, like benches and shelves, into the structure of the home is another great way to enhance a home with interior design. In this case the limits of the design are only found in the contractors imagination or ability.

It does not matter if the goal is to transform or enhance your home, interior design coupled with decorating can do either one. The one word of caution is to use a licensed and insured contractor. Find a contractor with plenty of referrals that you can verify. Construction, on any level, is a serious undertaking and should be well planned before starting. The saying is that you should measure twice and cut once in construction for a good reason so plan for success.

Interior Design is More Than Decorating

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